Int. J. of Comp. & Info. Tech. (2017), 5(4): 181-230. 

Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2017


The Impact of Website Features and Online Viral Marketing on the Online Shopping Behavior

Vahideh Alipoor *, Narges Moradkhani

Abstract—Advancements in communication technology have given rise to the evolution of a new electronic form of marketing on the Internet. Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others. Consumers say the primary source of credibility that makes them visit a Web site is word-of-mouth; Also the design of a website interface plays an important role in online purchasing, and customers are more likely to visit and buy from better-designed websites. more ... 

The Effect of Internet Marketing  on Brand Equity

Sajjad fathi *, Vahideh Alipoor , Narges Moradkhaani

Abstract—In the markets heavily competitive today corporate executives are looking for new ways to informing people about products and improving their brand. Those to reach this goal to attract more customers use one of the most effective. These are internet marketing methods. This survey is conducted to in order to study the role of internet marketing in the brand equity of online store product current study descriptive-correlation type and from the type of modeling is the structural equation. more ...

Ranking the Notification Methods Based on Behaviors of Information Seeking for academic Audience in Advertising Usage

Hoorieh Jahani *, Sara Souri, Mohammad Rezazade

Abstract—Notification in academic environments is really important for managing the academic relationship. Notification in these environments is difference from other environments due to the differences in goals, audiences, tools, and concept of notification. However, in these environments with different academic fields to certain ways of notification are given the importance and they get their specific related information to their field just via special forms. more ...

Creating an Enterprise Capital Portfolio to Increase Productivity, Based on Portfolio Approach in Optimal Capital Stock

Mehdi Delgir *, Mohammad Kadkhoda

Abstract—In economics, capital is referred to all things lead to generate revenue. In management science, capital (or organizational capital) refers to resources and subjects of the organization that provide benefits to the organization's business or its missions. With a general approach, the organization's capitals are divided into four broad categories of human, physical, informational and social capital. more ...



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